I'm a complete beginner, and I heard that there's no point of getting vocal lessons just yet, but to learn from youtube videos until I develop the correct technique and can sing in tune, and only pay for lessons when I want t go further with singing.

So I was wondering, has anyone got any recommended videos/exercises/websites to help me with singing? Where do I start? I am a COMPLETE beginner remember. The one thing I'm scared of is developing bad habits which will later take longer to correct. Soooo what's your advice?
I personally think you should do the exact opposite. Get a teacher to teach you the basics so you don't develop bad habits on your own, and then if you so choose you could go to video lessons after you understand the basics, or stay with a teacher. Why would you intentionally start out creating bad habits to have them fixed later down the line, when you could begin without them and then refine yourself? Seems foolish to me.
Yeah that's what I thought, it seems like the logical way of learning to sing would be to first develop correct technique under the guidance of a teacher. It's just some people I've talked to about this think otherwise.. I'm a self-taught guitarist (started lessons after over a year of playing, mostly for theory) but I've tried to explain to my parents that singing is different. After all, it's not as straight forward- you can't see what you're doing wrong as your vocal cords aren't exactly an instrument you can see...

Basically my parents think otherwise and are telling me to start off with youtube lessons and to show interest in singing first before paying a teacher. I don't want to intentionally create bad habits, I was just saying that's what I fear if I do start off with youtube :P I've recorded myself singing a couple of times and as far as I can tell it's quite nasal and out of tune a lot.
Yeah voice lessons aren't cheap. I mean I personally charge $40/half hour, and thats not even the high end of the spectrum. I can understand parents not wanting to pay for it, but I'm of the mindset that a teacher is necessary, especially at first.
Singing is not something you can teach yourself. You will sound different in your head than you do to everyone else. Guitar you can learn on your own. You should really find some kind of a teacher.
Even if it means taking choir in school or something. You can learn plenty from that.
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I all honesty, youtube tutorials tend to be worthless, very little explanation is ever present. To me they just come off as people showing off to each other.

Get lessons.
learn proper breath support and you'll be good for any kind of vocal part

most voice teachers are more or less classical and I'm guessing you don't wanna do that (if you do more power to you)
My advice to you is DON'T BE A PEDOPHILE!
But seriously the advice on previous posts seem like good ideas, take lessons now before you develop bad habits. Never give up on your dream and good luck to you. Hope to be hearing from you in the future.
Quote by smartguyreviews
learn proper breath support and you'll be good for any kind of vocal part

most voice teachers are more or less classical and I'm guessing you don't wanna do that (if you do more power to you)

Classical techniques transfer to pretty much everything. You're not going to sound like an opera singer without years dedicated training to get your voice to sound like that. All we do is teach you how to sing healthfully and resonantly with your natural, unaffected tone. There is so, so much more to singing than breath support.
Thanks a lot for all the replies guys.

Hopefully I'll be able to persuade my parents, and if not, I'll try and get the money to pay for it myself

I'll definitely show them this thread though