One day I know I will see,
you holding someone who is not me.

What I will do the day it will come,
I will make sure you don't see me and run.

No taking back the pain I caused,
hopefully you see me as a fraud.

Only one thing I can do for you now,
make sure you will never hear or see me somehow.

No matter what I feel for you my love,
no pain I have will ever be worth enough.

I'm sorry I will never see you again,
I'm sorry I can never be your friend.

I will always be to sick for relationships,
my mind will never stop it's psycho trips.

I miss your voice your smell your movement your passion your eyes your style your love your beauty your vocabulary your thoughts your love for earth and all living things your skin your lips your hands and your hair,
I miss you so much this punishment is only fair.