I just bought two new Mooer pedals.
ShimVerb and Pure Octave.

Eager to try them - I picked up a power adapter laying around.
It smoothly went in the power jack, and it all seemed fine. But when I tried to pull it out it was stuck. Such a stupid thing.

So when I, using violence, finally got it out it'd damaged the metal piece that is supposed to get the power plug to sit tight.
The piece is not leaning inwards, it's now bent to the side which means the dc plug is all loose when I plug it in.

Have any of you guys got a clue what I could do to fix it?
Could I de-solder it and put in a new power jack? If that's a good idea - does anyone here know the specs for a Mooer power jack?

Small brain, many questions.

All help I could get would be greatly appreciated.
Quote by Invader Jim
A pic would be of great help.

Not easy to photograph.
But maybe this would help just a bit?

I meant of the damage to the jack and of the board. That jack looks like the same part used on my old boss dm-2. If this is also an older pedal then that particular part may be discontinued.