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I have a vintage acoustic that was my Father's pride and joy before it became my most prized possession. I really don't know much about it beyond the fact that my Dad had it before I was born (50 yrs ago) and that I was responsible for the first scratch it ever had (age 4). My Dad was never shy about reminding me of that.
I'm toying with the idea of passing it along to one of my kids (some day) but I'd really like to find more information about the guitar itself because it doesn't have any manufacture information on it at all. I had it in a guitar shop a few years ago to get some tips on treating some light cracks in the finish. The owner was all kinds of chatty at first and he said something about it being an old sears model (which is fine by me) but he kept throwing offers at me to buy it. When I finally made it clear that it wasn't for sale and that all I wanted was the polish, he got downright rude and couldn't get rid of me fast enough.
Anyway, I'd just like to learn anything more about my guitar that I can so if anyone has any info or ideas on where I might look I'd be really grateful. aside from these pics the only info I have are the numbers printed inside: there's an "L6395 8234 and below that is N-1

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that does look like an old Kay N-1. they were available thru Sears back in the 50's. the value isn't really high but they do get high remarks for quality and playability. that one looks like a higher end model with the gibby style fret markers. i sure hope one of your kids plays guitar as it would be a tragedy to let that fine instrument turn itself into kindling.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Thanks stepchildusmc! Well, that sounds about right to me. My Dad was always the type to wait for exactly what he wanted and he always insisted on quality. I rem,ember him telling me a couple of times that He'd been torn between this and another model for a while and I know he bought it for himself as a treat after he was discharged from the Navy after WWII.
mrwade01 may be close. kay made tons of guitars under amny different brands and headstocks.

If its a Kay (or Silvertone from Sears), the numbers mean nothing that anyone can fugure out. I had an old Kay (1950's) that has N-1 stamped in it. It looked nothing like yours.

Take a look here: http://www.kayvintagereissue.com/downloads.html or http://www.wishbookweb.com that has many old mail order catalogs from Sears and Spiegel

Just an FYI: If those are orginal Kluson tuners from the 50s or 60s, they can be worth a pretty penny alone.
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