I am Sotos Bakas,24 year old musician from Athens,Greece.
Mainly I am playing finger style & percussive solo acoustic guitar but also I am composing for other instruments and producing bands and artists.
Few days ago I published my first original solo acoustic guitar song and performance video and though to share it with you.
If you enjoy please feel free to share it around,really helps.
Also I ll be really glad to know your opinions!

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCYBEfjPx_U

I wish an awesome xmas to all!

Very good syncing between audio and video. I would include more scenery/b-roll type shots throughout the video as shown at 2:35. Have the shots of you playing as b-roll and more scenery/landscape shots be your main focus. A song like this should be driven by imagery, not the musician playing, if that makes sense.
Hello oj_samson!
Glad you like it dude .
I agree that could be nice to have more environment shots but the intention of the video was a performance video so you can be able to see how the sound of percussion etc are being done at the same time.But definitely in the future I would love to do something that includes more environment shots.
Merry xmas!