i bought new pickup and tried to do 1 humbuvker and 1 volume 1 tone pot scheme ...i wired it all and nothing happens when i connect my jack ... allmost started crying because i thought i damaged my pick up and i still think it might be possible ..so thats why i ask a question is it possible that i ruined 100$ pickup by wrong wiring it ?
Is the battery wired correctly? The only potential for damage is that, really. I don't know if the preamp in a SD Blackout has reverse polarity protection (I'd hope that it has).
hmm i think i did it right ... red wire with red wire and black goes on output jack...
what if i did not wire capacitor correctly ... can that damage pick up ?
No. It is very unlikely that you've damaged your pickup. Help us diagnose the wiring. We'll need pictures of your actual wiring, and the wiring diagram you referred to when wiring it.
thats great if i didnt damage pick up ... i was so scared about that because i wasnt sure if i destroyed something worth 100$ in 10 minutes
- i dont have camera now ... but tomorrow im gonna give the guitar to the guy that knows how to wire properly and im gonna post some pictures ..
Ok, good luck. It's probably just the wiring, it's easy to make mistakes the first time you try.
oh yeah and i wanted to ask ...i saw a problem when i opened the box first time there was not enough wires ... but all wires i got were longer then they should be so i was cutting the long wires so i can have enough normal sized wires . is it possible that this was some kind of mistake ?
Wire is wire, but it sounds like you made a mistake putting it together. Anything you did can probably be corrected.