Don't really like purely acoustic songs with vocals, since guitar lines are quite unimaginative when constrained to playing chords, but I thought the vocals were great.
You could not get more radio-friendly standardized.

Not saying it's bad. It's pretty good! But I still gotta

It's good man.
The vocals specifically. Music isn't really... whatever. It's radio music.
Aralingh - cheers. I don't do guitar lines, I only do chords. Can't play lead for shit so I don't bother.

Phazon - cheers. Yeah it's supposed to be. Meant to be kinda catchy kinda upbeaty. Never realised there was a problem with that?
It's literally 4 chords. I don't try to break down every wall ever made and destroy every musical barrier and blow everyones faces away with my musical superiority every time I write a song.
King Turi,
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: I like the guitar riffs, and the vocals (singing & melody) are very good. When the song gets more peppy I would have been inclined to add bass & drums, but that's just my opinion. The song itself is very good!