It may not say airline on the headstock, it could say supro or valco, but they're all the same thing.

It will not play well, it will fight you and probably sound wonky. If you like the idea of having to fight your instrument and want a weird tone that will only really sound good with fuzz, then go for it. You can just buy the guitar, and if you hate it, re-sell it.

On the other hand, Eastwood makes Airline/Supro/Valco copies, but with wood instead of res-o-glass. These sound very conventional, yet overall a bit boring. I owned one for a few years, it was smooth playing but just didn't sound interested, no matter what kind of amp I used it with (Orange, Fender, vintage Laney, and a few others that I owned in the past).

Like I said, they're all weird, whether vintage or brand new, so just get your hands on it and see if you're into it. It's okay to not like them, even though JW and the black keys dude etc swear by them.
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Take a look at traveler guitars the are small. I purchase a EG-1 custom. They come with a bag and you can put them in the overhead compartment.
Quote by marc.venci
Hi i just wanted to know if this was a real airline guitar, and if anyone has experience, how much is it worth and how does it play. This link is not the one im buying but the exact one im looking at in town.

Yup, looks real enough. It's no way worth what he's asking for it though, probably not even half that really. Plus the one in the link is not in very good condition, rusty bridge, damage to the body. Probably worth $400 tops.

The thing to remember about Airlines, Supros and Valcos is that they're really shit guitars, even when they were new. They're made of plastic or fiberglass, have no way to control intonation, often won't stay in tune and play like shit.
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