I want to improve my bands' live shows and make it more entertaining, so I need some samples of good stage presence I can show to em so maybe they feel like doing it, they are not exactly "stiff" on the stage, but I feel it's lacking if we want to be anything out of the ordinary.

Music we play is hard rock with a few metal here and there, no distorted vocals and all songs sound pretty much positive so there's definitely room for some exaggerated fun movements.
just watch Jimmy Page or Hendrix. great stage presence.

Don't be jumping off amps or swinging guitars or any stupid crap like that.
Walk across the crowd like a real man
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Do like this. Can't go wrong.


Also this. Skip to 3:25.
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Thanks for the videos, I'll check them out to see if there's anything applicable.

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Sorry, I don't know how to teach people to act like they're spontaneously getting into the music they're playing. If they are able to do this elsewhere it's probably a nerves thing and not lack of natural mojo. Good luck!

I think it's the approach, when I perform my interests are my own fun, and the enjoyment of the crowd, to do that- needs to be somewhat energetic and to get the crowd going as well. And yes, this IS acting, but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable, it has its' purpose
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