Not bad for what it is. Some kinda 80's timewarp, same with all your other stuff.

Why do you list hard rock and alt rock as influences when you're clearly influenced by 80's New Wave, and bands like Franz Ferdinand or Duran Duran (pop, not hard rock or alt rock)?

It's really not my style, but credit where it's due, it has the same effect on me that all those kind of songs have, so you've GOT to be doing something right or it wouldn't do this.

It's kind of what I would imagine Joy Division to sound like if they did disco tunes.

Here's mine.
King Turi,
Thank you for the review! I reviewed your most recent thread. I am barely familiar with Franz Ferdinand, though I do like several Duran Duran songs. Long ago, I played 'Hungry Like a Wolf' in a band. Lately I have been posting songs that are predominantly synth-oriented, though I have done lots of songs that are guitar-oriented too. I do some hard rock/80's type metal, though I haven't recorded those lately. All of my newest gear/software has been drum or synth oriented, so naturally I gravitate towards my newest toys. If you check out some of the older tunes on my music website you'll see what I'm talking about.
Good stuff! As King Turi said, I react to it a lot like the new wave stuff so even though it's not my favorite genre, it must mean you're doing something right!

I like the driving synth at the beggining, sounds a lot like a guitar. The lead synth has a lot of joe satriani elements to it.

I'd be really curious to hear this done with a fuzz bass and an electric guitar
Hey Aaron thanks for the crit.

Now I don't mean to jump on the coattails of another posters critique but the 80's vibe is super apparent and it seems like you're not hiding it. I really liked the talking sample. Call me a cornball but I guess thats why I like a lot of Jawbreaker and Megadeth and etc. lol

I appreciate the vocal effort but I think its a bit over the top for my liking. I like when I can hear a persons nationality through the vocals but its bit too dramatic for my tastes. I could see the music being on like a older TV show of some sort.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Shit, I feel like i got back in time to 80.
Sound quality great. I feel that when you are singing is a bit "weak" the instrumentalization of the song. I would try to put another instrument in there, just to "embrace" the song. Maybe a very low guitar in the background playing the chords.

I agree with King Turi that the voice sounds like Franz Ferdinand, and also tought of satriani with the lead synth intro. Not my style of music but it has the "scence" of the style of music so it's good.
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man this song is like human league probably because of your voice + the synths. Its got a joy division vibe but maybe later on during the closer era or new order stuff.

the little samples of people talking are awesome, especially the pain in the neck one at the end, or the bomb going off. The only thing I would change would be adding something low on the mix. I know there's a bass or a bass synth already but to me it sounds very vanilla. I think what tiky said about putting a low sounding guitar playing the chords would probably spice it up. Personally I would do a slightly fuzzed bass but that's just me. Hell even an acoustic guitar playing the chords would do it. But these are all little things. In the big picture this is a good track.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1626794
I could imagine this song in a film or TV series set back in the 80s. I like the sample you dropped into the end of the track. Could maybe have more cymbals in the chorus. The energy is lifting and could be taken to the next level. Felt the vocals could have been slightly stronger. Yet for what it is, an established piece of work.

Where can I hear some of your surf rock creations? ; ) What stations did they get played on?

Keep up the good work!
flexiblemile, GoodCharloteSux, tiky, inkybutt,
Thank you for the review! I appreciate it!

Danny McMartin,
Thank you for your comments! Since you are from London, I thought I would mention I got an alternative song played on Tom Robinson's 6Music radio BBC show once. On October 24th, 2010, on 88FM (in Harlingen, Texas: radio range is the Southern tip of Texas and nearby Northern Mexico) played 18 of my original songs on a one hour radio show where the DJ played only my tunes, and we had a fabricated pre-recorded "interview" where I talked for a couple of minutes. I have other surf rock tunes on my music website also, but here are the ones that got played once on 88FM:

"Space Rocket to Mars!":

"Secret Surfer Sabotage":

"Surfing Over Sharks":

"Surfer's Paradise":

"Bat Attack":

"Surf Techno" (part surf/part techno):

"devil down" (not all surf rock, but has some surf guitar):
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Thanks for reviewing my songs! I figured I would review a couple of yours in return.

"I Saw You Today" - I really like the intro and overall style of the music, it's pretty dang cool. I didn't really like the vocals on this one however (I usually enjoy your vocals). I'm not sure exactly why, but the thing is I can't really imagine any other style of vocals over the song. Maybe I just need to warm up to it. I do like the use of samples in the middle and near the end of the song, adds a little to the song. I really do enjoy the overall vibe of the song though, cool stuff.

"Trans Euro" - This song is awesome! I really like when the synth really kicks in, its got a nice sound and the works great. The part after that is a little strange but I got used to it further into the song. I really dig this one for sure, flows fairly nicely.

I will pop into your new threads when you make them and review a couple more songs since you did review three of mine.
Damn, even though I got here through a C4C from my death metal song, I'm liking this. Vocals and synths have a very oldschool vibe to it, I could hear this on the radio and think it's some forgotten classic! Good stuff!
listening as i type - i like the drum and synth intro, defo got an 80's electronic vibe to it

can picture this on an 80's movie soundtrack! not really my type of music to be honest but this is no worse than the stuff in this genre!

production is excellent though and I really like the spoken word/quote/effects bits
Good production. I really like the synths! Didn't really like the style of the vocals, though. I would have preferred that the vocals had more energy in them, but then again I don't usually listen to this style of music. The samples are nice.
Hey thanks for your ops
Honestly not sure what to think of the song. Clean sounding, I think the vocals could've been mixed to sit lower and I personally don't care for the fx that they're drowning in atm. I think you could've gotten a better sound by simply overdubbing them, going for a more stereo effect, with a dash of verb. Otherwise, I find myself wanting to hear you enunciate your lyrics/words more when faced with such heavy use of fx.
As always, great production. I like this style, reminded me a bit of the B58's which is cool. I don't think it's the best you've done, but it's definitely different, and it would be interesting to hear more. Your vocals are on pitch but sound a bit throaty and forced in the upper register, and lack a bit of enunciation (though I do have a soft spot for kind of obfuscating the lyrics by slurring them out, I don't think it works all too well in this case). Otherwise, good job!

Hope you'll have a listen to mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1628552
Really digging this track, like others have said I love how the intro has an 80s electro style. I love the melody that comes in after the intro (right before the vocals), I can't tell whether it is an extremely modulated guitar or a synth but it sounds cool. Vocals sound good, I like the delay on the vocals. Your vocal delivery sounds a bit like a cross between Ian Curtis and David Byrne which works well for the song.

Overall this is a very well made track, great ideas and great production and mixing
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Yeah, as many people have said, sounds like 80s. And I like 80s.

The instrumental part of the song could have been in some kind of action movie. Somehow reminded me of Beverly Hills Cop, even though they are pretty different kind of songs. I liked the beat and the vocals also had an 80s kind of sound to them. Sound quality was really good.

One thing that it missed was the classic 80s electronic tom sounds.

I remember having heard some other tracks from you (at least the surf song) and I also liked them. You have some great stuff.

Here's my song:
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Thanks for reviewing my tune. I'm not keen on the intro, the backing just sounds a little too plastic to me, but thats taste. I like your vocals sure i've mentioned you sound like b 52's before but i'm starting to hear a early brit-pop sound in there too. The old radio samples or whatever they are you've put in are cool and really fit really well with the song. I'm just amazed at the volume of music you can make 181 songs, thats insane you could make like 15+ albums.
I liked it, it's great fun.

There's just one thing I didn't like as much (or think could be better): Too many effects on the vocals, and the effects on the talking samples were a bit too much as well and were a bit annoying (the delay at the end).

Other than that, nice one!
First off, thanks for critiquing my song! I gotta agree with the other in that this is a huge 80's new wave throwback, not so much alt rock. But that is an AMAZING thing in my eyes, it's great to see someone doing this kind of style again without melding it with indie rock. New wave holds a special place in my heart if you can't tell, haha.

In terms of the song itself, you did a great job. It maintains a good song structure and is a good balance between poppy repetition and mixing things up just enough. Instruments all sounded great for this style of music. Only criticism is that around 2:47 it sounds like the beginning of a bridge yet surprised me by being the ending, I was expecting some more of the song. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

In the end, awesome job!
The intro was awesome! As someone else commented the intro lead sounded as if Satch was playing the keys I can't find anything to fault the song with, it flowed really well and even though this isn't my type of genre, I really enjoyed listening to it. The the mixing/mastering was damn good as well. Good job bro!
Hey man, getting a cool 80s vibe from this, I dont really know if I have anything bad to say. It sounds like a cross from gary numan and depeche mode (in a good way)
Having never spent much (or any) time growing up in the 80s, I can't say I really enjoyed it as much as other music out there, but for what it is it's exactly what I imagine 80s indie music to be, all you need is a kickass music video!
aaron aardvark,

This reminds me of Depeche Mode.
I like it. It's well mixed and the chorus sticks in my head. Good job!
If this ain't 80's I don't know what is. It's pretty cool alt. tune and I can definitely hear the Duran Duran and Franz Ferdinand style that everybody is pointing out, though for some reason at the beginning of the vocals, it kinda reminded me of Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil. Other than the vocal track maybe being just a tad loud and sometimes the effects made it impossible to understand the words, it's a pretty cool tune.
Yeah, wow that was a total 80's trip. Thing is, I could easily of heard that on the radio and wouldn't have questioned it. It totally fits. Could have been the theme music to "The Breakfast Club", no problem.
Hey man, when this started out I was getting ready for some crappy electronic synth heavy music but one that lead came in I realized that it was cool as hell electronic synth heavy music! I kind of got the feeling it had a sense of humor but was still a musically sound song. I was digging the vocals, they reminded me of the Dead Kennedys. Anyways, it was a solid song.

Here's A Link Man: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1630348
Hey sorry it took so long for me to get back to you on this review. Love the intro and when the guitar kicks it's pretty sexy. Huge fan of 80's music so this is right up my alley. Your voice is quite well suited for this. Sometimes the vocals do get mushy with the effects and the words do get covered up. Enjoyed the audio clips inserted. Nothing really bad to say about this except I could have listened to it longer. But the brevity makes me play it again! So that's probably a good thing.