Hello everyone,

I'm getting back into guitar after a long hiatus. While I have played for a long time, my playing has plateaued and now I'm making a push to take my playing to the next level.

I started playing in the late 80s, on the tail end of the shredder wave, but the 90s quickly replaced guitar skill with flannel and down-tuned mediocrity. So my guitar heroes are from the 80s, but for most of my life, shredding has been a bad word that caused other musicians to mock my aspirations.

Fast forward 20 years and there has been a resurgence in skill on guitar. My old heroes careers have been revived and I see there is alot of new music worth listening to. I actually feel like I can jam with other musicians interested in the same kinds of music, so I need to get my skill up asap!

I can solo and improvise in blues, rock, funk, 80s metal, and smooth jazz, but I was never able to integrate really fast picked runs and two-octave sweeps into my playing. (I have practiced some of this, but not well enough to use it.) When it counts, I always revert to pentatonics, melodic licks, and legato. I also want to quadruple my lick vocabulary.

I have started working on a method called "Shred Guitar" by Paul Hanson. I also have an old VHS tape called "Intense Rock" by Paul Gilbert which I hope to integrate into my playing.

Every week I will upload samples of my playing. Hopefully this will help keep me motivated and may inspire some other people to take their playing up a notch. I think that for every really great shredder you see on youtube, there are 1000 guys who tried and never got where they wanted to be.
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