Hi, I have an enquiry that I though some of you could help me with.

I will be doing a few gigs in the near future where I won't be using my own backline and I can't realistically expect to get a good high-gain amp supplied every time. Thus I decided to invest in a distortion pedal so I could carry the sound I need with me and made the choice of the Boss DS-1. And sure, it works for what I'm doing. Maybe not the best tone I've had and I would want more gain from it, but as a lifeline - I'm happy. Affordable and dependable.

Now that I'm not in the immediate danger of realising that I have been supplied with a Fender-amp that can't do the kind of distortion I need, I would like to explore the possibility of adding another pedal for the sake of options.

So - I'm looking for a pedal that can do metal distortion on the clean channel on pretty much any common amplifier. I have an Engl Screamer in our rehearsal space and if possible I'd like to get a sound in that ballpark.

Any suggestions appreciated. Been looking at different MXR's like the Distortion +, but I don't think that one is going to have enough gain.
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Hardwire TL-2 if a new amp isn't an option
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What kind of music do you play? *edit* Oh, you did mention metal. Sorry, missed that line.

Suhr Riot or Amptweaker Tightmetal maybe? Out of these I have experience with Riot in a form of Joyo's clone US Dream and its a great pedal. Enough gain for most high gain music, even metal except the absolute meanest kind. Suhr recently released Riot Reloaded for that stuff though.

If you play metal Tightmetal is said to be Ampeg VH140c preamp in a box, which is one of the better solid state metal amps around. Personally I have no experience with it but Youtube has several vids and it definetly sounds awesome. Far from the angry can of bees/belt grinder Metal Zone-style pedals are known for.

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Hardwire TL-2 if a new amp isn't an option

Please note that I do own an amp that is quite satisfactory, but I won't be using my own backline for these gigs.

I play in a 70's and 80's inspired hard-rock/progressive rock band that takes influences from Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, to name a few.
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I know it might be a little pricey, but i love the Walrus Audio Iron Horse. Another great pedal for heavier rock that I like are some of the blackstar pedals.
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yeah the joyo suhr riot clone is pretty nice, i think it's designed for a clean channel, too. if you can stretch to the suhr version, it might be worth a shot.

from the sounds of it you're not playing that heavy stuff- a crunchbox might be enough. there's that new supercrunchbox which looks quite nice, but i haven't tried it (i've got the joyo crunchbox clone, too ).

and yeah i haven't tried the distortion + but from what i hear it's more of an OD than a distortion.

a rat might also be worth a try- the filter control is very wide-ranging which means it sounds good with both bright and dark amps. that might actually be a handy one to have as a real get-out-of-jail type thing.
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There are so damned many distortion boxes on the market that it is nearly impossible to recommend just one. If you are looking for the heavy stuff, take a look at Blackstar's HT-DISTX. And if you have the cash, Wampler makes some really cool ones - The SLOstortion, the Pinnacle and the Triple Wreck.
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EH Metal Muff for what you want sound wise. why can't you use your own amp?

I agree I test drove every pedal in GC and the EH metal muff was the winner by far because it seemed a lot more musical than the others