I live in wisconsin and right now its winter, unfortunately my room gets cold as hell, i have a heater and turn it on when i'm home, but when i'm off at school or with my friends, my mom doesn't let me leave it on cause she doesn't want to waste electricity. So will leaving my guitar in the cold for about 8 hours mess it up in some way?
What kind of guitar is it? How cold exactly is it getting in your room?
Do you have it in a case?
no case man, i live in milwaukee so i'd say it gets from around 15 degreese somedays, and around 30 on other days like today. It's an ibanez, with a bass wood body.
Cold temperatures and hot temperatures will not do any damage. It is a sudden change in temperature that'll do damage.

Since houses warm up and cool down gradually, your guitar will be fine.
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I'd go along with what Toodeepblue said. You are keeping it inside, so it's not like it is actually in those very cold temperatures. Changes in temperature and/or humidity will cause wood and finishes to expand and contract, so there is a chance you might get cracks in the finish, but going from 55 degrees to 75 degrees doesn't usually do that. I wouldn't be too concerned about warping.

I would actually be more concerned with the humidity. In cold weather your furnace runs more, and furnaces and portable heaters suck moisture out of the air. I recommend getting a humidifier and keeping the humidity of the house around 45%. The best solution is a whole-house humidifier that is added onto your furnace. You set your desired humidity and it stays there. Portable humidifiers are a pain because you have to continually fill them.

If you have an un-bound neck, you might notice sharp fret ends poking out... that is a sign that your neck is drying out and the wood is contracting.
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metal and wood contract/expand at different rates, humidity affects wood but not metal.

So your strings and truss rod won't move where the wood will. A lot? A little? Will it hurt anything? Will you notice?

You'll likely notice the guitar won't stay in tune as well, as long. You may have to adjust your truss rod.

I"m not sure if a case does crap. I've heard that before but how is the temp or humidity inside a typical case (that gets opened...) any different from the room air or temp? Yes, a nice case will keep the guitar dry and slow temp changes if you say, take it from your house to a gig or less and back but siting in a room for 8 hours?

And it's NOT furnaces that 'suck moisture' out of the air. Cold air can hold less water than warm air. Water being measured as humidity of course. So WINTER has less humidity than summer.