Who has some suggestions for some good rock n roll Christmas tunes - that are orginal material? Not like 'br00tal or punk rock' covers of Jingle bells type stuff. I'm trying to make a playlist for work.
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Bad Religion just put out an awesome Christmas cd. That and Brian Setzer is all you need.

the op said no punk rock covers and bad religion is as generically punk as you can get

Yeah I know, I listed it anyway cause it's pretty good. I also said Brian Setzer which should be exactly what he wants.
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Bad Religion just put out an awesome Christmas cd. That and Brian Setzer is all you need.

It was playing in my local record store this week when I was looking around and I loved it. Between that and True North they've had an awesome year, great to see them still putting out quality material.

On topic, my personal favouritehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTx-sdR6Yzk A punk band yes, but an awesome original Christmas song nonetheless. I also heard a Christmas-ized version of D'yer Maker a few days ago that was awesome.
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Some favorites from when I was a kid :
Beach Boys
Jimi Hendrix's version of " Little Drummer Boy "
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I know you said no covers, but shit son, Lemmy, Billy Gibbons and Dave Grohl on the same track? You can't get more rock n roll than that.

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That song sucks so goddamn bad.


It's over played, but it's better than all other Christmas songs I've heard combined.
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That song sucks so goddamn bad.

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Haven't listened to Saosin in years but I think they had a song called Mookie's Last Christmas.
That song that Christopher Lee released last week or whenever it was.
>christmas music

woah there buddy lemme just stop ya right there

okay, Johnny Cash had a few good xmas albums, but thats it man. thats it.
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