So now that I am in college it is too difficult to lug my gear around between school and home, and my 6505+ and mesa cab are collecting dust at my house while I am at school. I have also been wanting to get a new guitar, possibly a 7 string guitar, so I have decided to sell all of my gear and get new equipment that is more travel friendly. I of course have heard incredible things about the JP7 and all other musicman guitars and would love to purchase one, but I have also heard great things about the axe fx II and I feel that that would be a great fit for me since I have just been playing my guitar through a ux1 and podfarm at school. If I sell all of my gear I should be able to get in between 2k and 2.3k, so my question is this: Should I by a Jp7 and then continue to play through my ux1 until I can afford and axe fx II sometime in the next year or two or should I buy the axe fx II and then buy a different seven string for around $600. I can afford to spend around 2.5 - 2.7k for my new gear with the money I'll make, but I don't know which option would be a better long term investment. Any advice would be appreciated!
I personally wouldn't take expensive gear to school if you live on campus. Stuff just ends up missing sometimes...
^ I agree. I would go for a Line 6 POD Pro X, and maybe an Agile 7 (are you in the US?) or a nicer Ibanez 7 or even a Sterling 7 if you particularly like the JP design.
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Minus worrying about having it on campus what is your opinions? I don't want to have to upgrade again after 2 years.