Hello guys so i just got my peavey ultra 112 yesterday and i have been messing around with it for a very long time and i have a problem. This is my first decent amp so im still new to this but i seams i cant really get any punchy metal tones. for example the chorus to One by Metallica i just cant get it to punch it just seams a little weak. I have not change and tubes or speakers in it and i am playing on a guitar with very bad pickups (its like a 250$ jackson). I am planning on getting a new guitar soon and it will be loaded with EMG Pickups so when i get that will it make a large noticeable difference?
or is it maybe just my EQ im keeping it at around low 7 high 7 mid 1 and distortion 7

Thanks for the help
Boost your mids and tell us how you go.

New tubes would be a pretty good idea, too.
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Boost your mids and tell us how you go.

New tubes would be a pretty good idea, too.

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See, it's important that people clarify when they say "metal", because I pretty much always assume they are a Cannibal Corpse fanboi.
Just change the bridge pickup in your guitar and buy a tubescreamer type pedal. Duncan Distortion or EMG 81 would be what your after, and a Digitech Bad Monkey is a decent od pedal for the price.
Quote by jmaguire
Boost your mids and tell us how you go.

New tubes would be a pretty good idea, too.


The mids are where all the punch is, get it up to around 4 and mess with it from there.
Wow adding some mids really did help didnt even cross my mind to add to that becuase everyone said get rid of the mids haha thanks guys. and i am getting a new guitar soon i think it is a 81/60 the ESP ec-1000 and i am also going to change the tubes very soon also.
Good to hear. It's a bit of a rookie error. A lot of people don't realise that's where the body and punch in your toe comes from. Enjoy your new amp
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It is a joke how often people say to just scoop your mids, add treble and bass. Any time I go for a metal tone on my amp I never have the mids scooped.

Best tip I ever received is to set all your tone controls to 12 o'clock and then to adjust them bit by bit from there adding/subtracting to your desires. I'm glad you got the punchy tones you were after, but on top of what was learned from this thread I think you should really get to know your gear better than you currently do. Try as many combinations as you can and just know exactly what sounds you are capable of producing.
I often use the house amp (Randall RM100) at rehearsal and can almost always guess how old the last person was that used it. The younger they are the lower the mids are. Give me time and I could probably devise a predictive algorithm.

Load up the preamp with JJ's.
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