I'm getting interested in the use of chromatics in music & need a couple pieces to analyse.
I got:
Chopin's piano concerto in Am Op. 2
Flight Of The Bumblebee

Know some?
Pretty much anything Schubert or Schumann. Be prepared for the use of enharmonic modulations, Augmented 6th chords, V sub 6 chords and the like.
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I'd like to adress, that chromatics should not be viewed as purely outside notes.

Chromatic notes in classical are often more of a byproduct to get a nicer voiceleading and have very much a practical use.

Know fully well which are consonant notes, but do not put chromatics on a different pedestal.

That being said, the 2 pieces you posted, I feel are more ornamentation, where flight of the bumblebee is more os a chromatic concept, and chopins use generally is more of a personal characteristic.

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Chopin Prelude No. 4 in E minor has a lot of chromatic voice-leading.