Hello. years ago i played an ESP/LTD Les paul shape guitar, it was kirk hammet spider signature. what i realy liked was the smaller body than a normal les paul. it fitted me perfect. i cannot forget this guitar.
my question: is there anny epiphone with such a small body? why epiphone? because ESP had a floyd rose and i dont like them. sorry for my english.
Take a look at the Epiphone Nighthawk Custom.

I have not tried it myself, but it look pretty damn sweet. It is definitely on my "need to take a close look at" list.
ESP’s singlecut guitars are also available without a Floyd. Other guitars to look at would be the Schecter Solo, Dean Zelinsky Strettavita, and PRE SE singlecuts. AFAIK all of the Epi Les Pauls are heavier than the Gibsons.
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when you say "smaller body" you mean thinner right?

yes, i mean thinner body, more confortable and lighter.
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The Dean Zelinsky Private Label Zenyatta is about as thin as LP bodies get:

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since you liked that KH-3 why not look at the EC-1000 LTDs its roughly the same body and most dont come with trem systems.
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ESP Eclipse or the LTD EC-1000 is what you are looking for. Both have a thinner Les Paul-esque body style. Most of them do not have trems, having TOM bridges instead.

I wouldn't trade my Eclipse for anything; they are fantastic guitars.
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