Looking for some advice – I am in the market for a COMPLETE SET of Lessons on the blues!

I am a guy who wants to seriously play the blues all of my information on the subject has come from you tube. I’ve learned the blues pentatonic scale in all positions and know it very well but really it stops there. I spend a LOT of time searching you tube to find info. So I’m purchasing a course… I’d like it to be as complete as possible for a solid usable foundation
I’m in between two courses one is Blues Guitar Secrets 2.0 By Dan Denley, and the other is Blues Unleashed By Griff Hamlin

Can ANYONE recommend either of these? Blues Guitar Secrets 2.0 looks a little more well rounded but I think Griff Hamlin has a pretty good reputation, and is a great guy

I’d love your help on this if you would take a moment

Here’s links to them if interested

buy everything marty schwartz has on dvd.
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