A new song. It somehow turned into a modern prog metal song. I usually use quite basic song structures but I was having trouble with certain riffs blending with each other so I experimented with some prog style song structuring.


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At a first listen I must say the song does have quite a nice flow, the whole could perhaps become even smoother if other instruments worked more during transitions. The structure does not at all get "out of hand progressive". Solid playing throughout, presumably you recorded all guitar parts?

The Sabbath-esque feel att 1:24 gave me the chills, the subtle use of right notes can really do the trick. There are some great, yet only partly explored, opportunities during the second lead, from approx 2:40 onwards, a likeable dreamy touch with the slides. I really enjoy the feel when the songs kicks off again at 2:13, wonderfully straight forward metal.

If you've got the time, have a listen to our version of some different flavoured modern prog Colonist - Digital Scream

Rock on
What an awesome take on prog metal. Im sure your next take will be deeper and proggier. Kudos to you, man, I'm really diggin' those begining riffs.
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Thanks everyone. Really appreciated!

I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment so for you two that asked me to have a listen to your stuff I will get round to it in a couple of hours!!

Yea, I recorded all the guitar parts.

One criticism I get quite a lot is that I could develop my solos more. I totally agree but I have a hard time writing lead. I'm more of a riff man. It's something I try and work on but it just frustrates me after a while. I can play other peoples difficult solos quite well. I know heaps of Dimebag solo's etc but when it comes down to it I just can't write anything.

I would love to put vocals on my songs. I will do one day. Just need the right person to come along.
IMHO solos are not essential for this kind of music, you can expand your riffage and spice it up with some lead oriented ones to develope your style.
TH3 G3Ar
- JCM 900 SL-X and SV MKII 100HD with LIne 6 sv412
-Bunch of pedals ( WD,BM,NR-2...)
-Ibanez Universe uv777pbk,Rg 2550&321mh
this is pretty sick. I can hear some clean singing over it.

If you would ever want to collab on anything i would be glad to put something together with you.
The playing is really tight and you do a really good job of making everything sound consistent and meaningful. I think the tone could go though, The drum machines have a lot to do with it but the guitar tone is missing that anger and visceral emotion. Ultimately I liked the song more as it went on, the riffs got better there. Good job overall, very listenable.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. It's really appreciated. I'm always trying to better myself so you've been really helpful!