so i just purchased a shadow sh 124-500 kill pot. i wired it in the volumecontrol the exact way the old potmeter was wired, but is doesnt really work well. It does change volume if i turn it, if i press it hoewever, the volumes instantly becomes louder(supposed to kill it i think).
also, if i let go of the strings the guitar starts buzzing really bad(grounding issue?)
appearantly shadow killpots should be wired differently then standard volumepots, no idea how though.
this is my first wiring so im not familiar with the techtalk:p please help me out.
i wired it exactly like this:
It should have come with instructions... Here is a PDF of the "owner's manual".

These things are nothing more than a normal pot with a SPST momentary switch integrated into it. The 3 solder lugs are wired just like a normal pot, the 2 little gold pads on the bottom are wired just like a normal SPST kill switch, one pad to the hot wire of the jack, the other pad to the ground wire of the jack.