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I have a EMG 81 pick-up installed in my bridge position.I haven't played my guitar for a while , and when I properly set it up I noticed that my EMG sounds really muddy .
I first thought that the strings aren't intoned properly , because when playing a chord it sounds as if a note that is making up the chord is a bit off and it makes the chord sound dissonant...but after checking the intonation I noticed that that's not the problem.
Can't explain why it sounds like this ... I raised the pick-ups , changed the battery ,even changed the strings . Maybe I should mention that when the tone is dialed up all the way down it sounds far less messy ... Oh , and I'm playing in drop C and the guitar is a standard 25.5" scale length ( maybe that has to do with it ? I'm no expert )
Please help
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If the intonation is fine then I would make sure you are not fretting a string hard enough to sharpen the note. Finger a chord, then pick out each note separately while plugged in to a tuner. Make sure the notes are still true.

EMGs typically sound best (this is very subjective) with the volume and tone knobs at "10". Some active pickups tend to get muddy at lower volumes and darker tones. I would also make sure that you do not have the gain set too high on your amp.
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Ok , just to be sure I've done that ...but I observed something rather strange...the strings seem to be in tune , but when playing a chord it's slightly out of tune >.> ... now how is this possible ?
Because your guitar is not intonated properly.

Just because the guitar is intonated at the 12th fret doesn't mean that every note is intonated correctly.

The only other thing it could be is that you may just be fretting the strings too hard.
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Does your guitar have a tone knob? and if so is it turned down?
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