So I am finally getting around to fixing up my Ibanez ziphos xpt700, not sure about what Floyd it has, but all I need to know is if there is anything I need to know about when replacing the claw screws behind the springs. The previous owner seems to have completely destroyed the screws and I need new ones so I can lower the bridge because the bridge is way out of place, any suggestions?
Just get some good screws. I've seen the heads on cheap screws twist right off if you apply too much force when screwing them down.

If the screw holes are torn up, you may want to jam a toothpick or two in each hole to give the screws something to grab.
Guess I didn't word my question well enough, do I need to take the strings off of my guitar before attempting to replace the screws?
Probably not, just loosen the strings and take the springs off.