i was wondering what rock backing tracks the community has so if you have a backing track please either post the chords or a link to it.
Google also has a large selection of things. Also, we can't just point you at something new, we have no idea what you're bored of.

Also: bigger fonts don't get you anything but annoyance, don't do it.
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Make your own. It's really really easy to do and you can get what you want that sounds pretty damn good. There's lots of software out there. I used to use Live, but it's a bit complicated.

If you've got a Mac, Garageband is very very nice. I think it's pretty much free and/or in-app purchase for like $4.95 to get all the presets and sounds. Super easy to create a drum track with some variety to it. Lay down a bass track with your guitar and transpose down 1 octave. Then just record some rhythm loops with your guitar. I use a Line 6 Guitarport for input. I mostly just use the preset amps, but you can tweak the amp and stomp box stream to your heart's content. It took me maybe a day to figure out most of the ins and outs.

I'd be willing to put up anything I've done at https://soundcloud.com/edgoldman as a backing (except Little Wing and Tumbling Dice which are older and which would take me a lot of digging to find the original projects on other computers I have). Everything else, a couple of minutes. But, really, start making your own. Its good practice too.