I'm so bored of menu driven preset-centric multi effects units and am looking for something to help me escape the shackles of the digital interface.

My rack mounted pod does sound good and I'll keep it for recording but I miss the old days with separate pedals where I could turn knobs when I felt like it but I do like the idea of a single unit with one power supply and one set of digital-analogue converters.

The Boss ME-70 is the only one that I know of which has this sort of interface and I have seen a few reviews. The praise is high but there is a general feeling that the sound quality is a bit average and for the price this is to be expected. Is there anything else out there which I may not have discovered?

Manufacturers.... are you listening?
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The Zoom G3 & G5 are basically a bunch of separate pedals in a single unit, so they're worth looking at. They're better than the Boss as well - I used to have the ME50 which was OK for modulations & delays but crap for drives. With the G3/5 you can set different pedals for different modulations though, you couldn't do that with the Boss.

The Line 6 M series can be set up as separate pedals too, but you don't get separate controls for each pedal, it's all controlled through a single interface. I think the TC Nova uses a similar setup.
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