I use a Lexicon Alpha with Cubase LE 5 and was having lag issues if I ran more than 7 or 8 tracks at a time that had VSTs. When I asked about this, they said:

"Plug-ins use up a lot of CPU and that’s why it’s cause the lag. It’s actually not the alpha it depends on the computers speed. What you can try is instead of putting plug-ins on each track, just create an FX track and insert say a reverb plug-in once. Then you can send a signal from your tracks to the FX track for reverb. That’s how it’s usually done, and it’s the best way to lower the CPU usage."

I have a slight clue as to what this means and zero clue as to how to do it. Anyone have any tips/tricks/youtube tutorials?
the same way you'd add an audio track in cubase you can add an FX track. Add your VST to this FX track instead of your audio tracks.

F3 will bring up your selected audio track's controls, which allows you to add VSTs, set EQ, and set 'sends'

Under your sends you can select your FX track, turn it on, and set the volume.

Doing this means you're only using 1 vst instead of 8 thus cutting down your CPU usage.

Also worth mentioning you can EQ your FX track instead of each individual audio track in order to save a bit more CPU
From the sounds of it... all it means is that you need a better computer.
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From the sounds of it... all it means is that you need a better computer.

very true. however i'm broke as sin and am still using the same laptop i got five years ago so i'll take what fixes i can get.
Yeah, honestly, your issue is your computer, not cubase or your interface.
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Freeze the tracks u don't use. Havent used cubase since 2006 , but I'm sure the option is there.

What it does is make the track like a mixdown, essentially a single recording as if it's a song.

This will take away most cpu drain. You can't tweak plugin's when frozen, so you need to unfreeze again for that. Very easy, very effective.

Also, u can use sends as well as stated above, but this does change some plugins behaviour by design, since you actually get 2 signals. (Which you could make behave as one track, but its not that black and white for some things)

Reverb and delay no problem, actually nicer at times, and have some advantages in regards to tail control with automation.
Compressors do change, both for advantages but also disadvantages.

There's also a difference to a traditional send track and just sending to another track, which is probably what was meant earlier.

Your computer is indeed the problem, but this is worth a shot.

Better then nothing eh

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