Hey all,

so my band and I decided to film our second concert so we could see how we looked like on stage, having limited stage experience in rock bands.

So we got some friends to bring their cameras and our drummer edited it in his spare time.

We already know we need to move more, hahaha. But we're still looking for feedback on other stuff too.


I am really surprised how good it sounds for a live performance, I know that is not easy. The vocals are very good, and everyone is playing well. It's good you didn't go overboard on the guitar distortion, that often causes problems for a live band. Nice song, video, and performance!

Perhaps you could check out my music at this link:

The drummer looks like he's slepping playing the drums!! He really need to put feeling in it, altough he's really good at keeping the time playing without a metronome

It sound very "clean", nobody failing any notes etc, maybe "too clean". It's a rock band. I would try to get more crazy over the stage, even if that means that you could "fail" some notes.

What i feel listening to the song for second time without looking at the video is that it could be an studio version on the album. This means that the band sound is very solid and good , but it lacks the spirit of a live presentation

Cool song thanks for your critique in my song
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thank you both for your critiques!

tiky, don't worry, Denis (our drummer) is very aware of the problem. Actually the root of it comes from his degree in classical percussion. Apparently one of the key elements they teach young students is how to minimize effort. Apparently if you're playing an opera live on tympani, it's easy to get exhausted so he had to learn very quickly how to play with the least amount of force that was necessary.

This is a technique that is useful in opera but that is of course negative in the context of a rock band. He's working on it, I assure you, haha. We don't give him to much flak for it though because we're all a bit "statuesque" in our movements and he's basically our producer so we need him

You can actually listen to our album that he produced here:
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I really liked it. Your wifes voice really cuts through the music. I really appreciated the lead intro and the tempo of the song. Its really got a bit of that proto punk 70's kind of attitude with a mix of some good ole 90's alternative. I really dig it.

Thanks for the advice regarding the music playing in life, very cool that you married someone with the same passion. Im the motivated one, my buddy not so much these days. I feel like I force to even talk about it let alone doing any action. Its a damn shame but I moved away from the genre and Ive been playing with some other guys lately more in that mid 2000's pop punk/alternative kind of vibe, more what I listen to nowadays.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Hey there, sry for the late return critique, been MIA for the holidays

I can't say I have much to add to this, great sound and arrangement. I particularly enjoy how well the low-end sits! Have the guitarists considered providing some backing vox for the lady?

I'm not so concerned with the lack of movement, you guys look mellow, plus the lead is more than vibrant enough imo with both her vox and sway.

You guys have a soundcloud, or page apart from the YT channel that we can follow? I liked it, wouldn't mind at all hearing more

EDIT: just saw the bandcamp link in your later post
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