Hey forum, i'll leave around here a full band cover (well, mostly myself), of a great song from my favorite band Coheed and Cambria.

A Favor House Atlantic is one of their most popular songs, very catchy and kind of an emo-pop rock mashup. It is usually the first song people hear from them (and Welcome Home of course, kind of the opposite side of the coin each one of them), and because of the super high pitched lyrics sometimes it makes people dislike the band, but whatever. I recorded it one tone lower so i could reach the notes.

My recording setup is very simple, i use Garageband, with a Sterling Audio ST51 mic through USB ICICLE device. I directly mic a Line6 amp, with a Gibson SG standard. Drums made in Guitar Pro, and EZdrummer plugin. Bass with the midi sounds from GB. Voice recorded through the mic (kind of obvious haha).

Hope that you like it, leave any comments here or in the Youtube page if you want, i would really appreciate it!

Very good! Great mix too. Sounds weird to hear somebody else singing this song other than Claudio but you did a fine job. Haha. Great work!
I'm not incredibly familiar with Coheed. I've heard one or two of their songs, but I haven't really listened much further.

However, I will say that Claudio has a ridiculous range, and you don't sound like you're having much trouble hitting the notes!

Quality wise, the recording sounds pretty damn clean. Again, very nice!
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