Hi there. So i'm setting up a bedroom "studio". Here in Mexico, there are very few studio monitor models and those few, are very expensive (in comparison to USA prices).
I've managed to find 3 studio monitor models at a relatively good price (that is for being here)

Pair of M-Audio AV40 for $150 (used)
Pair of M-Audio BX5A for $250 (used)
And a pair of Yamaha's Hs50m for $300 (used)

I can afford any of those 3, but keep in mind i'm kinda low on cash, and every dollar i could save, would be greatly used on other stuff like on a new acoustic guitar, dimarzio pickups for my electric guitar, and many other things i need.

I will use them with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

Also, it is a "studio" i'm setting up on my bedroom. I am fairly new to this. I really doubt i'd get "acoustic treatment". I'm gonna make music with electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and drums.

So what do you guys recommend? which of those would be the best "bang for the buck"?

Thanks in advance, and please excuse any grammar mistake i may have had.
I'd get the yammies. But they are pretty lacking in bass. You might need a pair of headphones as well. The m-audio monitors aren't very highly regarded.

I'd look to see if you can find a pair of rokit 5's, or behringer truth 2030A's in that price range personally. The yamaha's are very nice in the upper mids for the price though.
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Yamahas. They're the clear winners in that test, though I'll agree, the 5s are pretty lacking in bass.
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