I just put together my first kit from Build Your Own Clone (the classic overdrive kit) and I'm having some problems.

I'm a pretty good solderer and have done things like this before so I thought it would be fun. I followed the instructions to the tee and assembled it correctly (from what I can tell I've quadruple checked now). The solder points all look good, all the wires look good, everything looks good. The battery is connected.

But when I plug it in nothing happens. No LED and no effect. It does bypass though. I've been spending a couple hours now trying to figure out what it could be (I get the same result with a battery or power supply).

I know this may be a vague thread but if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

photo (3).JPG
Check the polarity of all polarity sensitive components. I can see tantalums, those are easy to get backwards.
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Also, no LED makes me think it's a power issue. Start at the 9V+ wire from the jack and work your way through the components that follow (I'm assuming they supply a schematic). If they do, it should be easy if they've numbered the parts (C28, R14, etc etc).

Bypass signal means your switch and jacks are wired correctly, so you now know the problem is in the PCB somewhere.
Check your wiring again. Look for solder bridges. Look for cold solder joints. A component in the wrong place, or as previously mentioned, installed backwards. If everything checks good, then you may have a faulty component. Do you have a DVM?
Have you made a thread on the BYOC forums? They'll probably be much more familiar with any problems you'll have.
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Thanks everyone this was very helpful I'll see if maybe something is in the wrong way.

I tried the BYOC forum but it seemed to be down so I tried here.