Holy $%%^* this is getting ridiculous. I ordered a loop switcher on Nov.19 and I get an email saying its in the testing phase and will be sent out in 5-7 days...that was 10 days ago and still no shipping confirmation so I emailed them asking what is going on with my order and they say orders that are in the testing phase will be sent out no later than next week. Now I know you have to pay for quality but over a month for a simple loop switcher is crazy. I just want to finish my pedal-board!!!!!!!!!
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That is standard for loopmaster. Sucks that you have to wait so long but they've always done it this way. They used to have a message about this on their site, haven't bought anything from them for a while so I'm not sure if it's still there, but it's not exactly a secret that they have long wait times.
Yeah, I ordered in a hurry and missed the memo. I tried cancelling the next day but that was a no go so here I am waiting on this last piece for my pedal-board.