I was wondering has anyone every created a ground in the controls cavity using one of those 2 nut screws in stead of the back of the volume pot? I was thinking it might be more solid to solder the round contacts on the end of all the grounds and then put a screw with the double nut specifically for grounding. Anyone thinking of any pro/cons doing the ground for the guitar this way?
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The only reason people always solder grounds to the back of the volume pot is because it is convenient. Contrary to popular belief, the back of the volume pot is not a ground return. The sleeve lug of the output jack is. As long as all grounds are connected together and make it to the sleeve of the jack, it doesn't matter where you solder them all. The back of a pot is convenient because it is big, close to the other parts and fairly easy to solder to.

Long story short, guitar wiring standards are absolutely atrocious. Excessive lead length and ground loops abound.