I'm looking for a new compressor for my pedal board. Currently, I own the Keeley 2-knob, but I'm not happy with it. I like it because it's a simple pedal and quiet, but I want something with a little more control and brighter sound. It seems too dark. I've been thinking about upgrading to the Keeley 4-knob or getting the Malekko Omicron Compressor. How does the Keeley 2-knob compressor compare with the 4-knob? Has anyone tried the Malekko Omicron Compressor? Any other suggestions?

I play classic rock/blues. My setup is a Gibson LP (and sometimes a Fender Strat) through a Fender Super Reverb.
i have actually played the diamond. when i bought my tremoverb it was in a studio and he had a diamond compressor plugged in, and i asked if it could try it for a minute. he was chill and didn't mind, it was easy to get what you want out of it turned some knobs around and it sounded pretty sweet.nice. it beats any compressor i have heard, including the keelys 2 and 4 knob.

but i don't have experience of that, the keelys and than anything of the MXR's shitty compressors.
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