I'm wanting to liquidate some gear that I don't use anymore and put up a trade on CL for my G-400 and a Roland Cube 15XL that are collecting dust.

I wanted to trade for a decent acoustic and a guy offered me a 20 year old Samick Twango Sarceno acoustic/electric. Problem is, I don't have the first clue about them and I consider myself pretty well read on guitars from all time periods. Anyway, has anyone hear ever heard of them? I know Samicks nowadays are more in the budget guitar market but the guy said that he paid $400 for it twenty years ago.

Below is a pic he sent me.

Any help or insight will be appreciated. Thanks.
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that sure is an ugly guitar ! the Samick Twango was made back in the '90's. it didn't get very good reviews. it was only about $150 new. the seller is getting it confused with the electric "blues Saraceno" model. Blues was the lead guitar player for the band Poison" for a VERY short time. no self respecting guitar company would give him a promo contract but Samick did... but only for a god-awful purple electric guitar that was shaped after the Twango acoustic. "ol Blues Saraceno didn't last long in the spotlight and his 'signature" electric lasted even less.
Samick makes a lot of guitars for many other guitar names - think pontiac Vibe.. which was really a re-badged Toyota Matrix. many lower end guitars that you see in shops under a lot of different names are realy Samicks-made. they put out some very good models once Greg Bennett came aboard and started selling more aggressively under their own label finally. i had one for a while (an ASDM) and foolishly sold it. i have since replaced it as it had a great sound for the money. i don't play dreads a whole lot but when friends come over to jam, it gets picked a lot.
i hope some of this helps you to stay away from that thing.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Awesome. Thank you for the heads up. I have one of the Greg Bennett acoustics lying around somewhere and I always thought it sound pretty good for the price.