Hi guys,

So I'm looking to get the Randall's typical chunky and heavy metal tone as used by Metallica, etc. However, I don't wanna pay for a new head just for that tone. So I've heard about this RG13 pedal / floor amp from Randall for quite sometimes. I've been looking around for info and reviews about this pedal for a while and found it's actually solid state. Is there anyone here who's using this pedal? What do you think about it? And what amp do you hook it up to?

And also would I be able to get the tone of Randall's tube distortion channel with this thing even though it's just a solid state pedal? I use a Mesa Mini Rectifier head. Would the Randall RG13 give me the tube sound of the real Randall head if I hook it up to the Boogie head?

Would really appreciate some opinions on this guys

That is a SS pedal and it will only do SS sounds.

Metallica used Marshalls and Mesa amps mostly and Kirk used a Randall a little. But the randall is not what I'd call a chunky tone.

The Dime 100 head is a RG clone and is cheap new or really cheap used. A used RG would be a
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I got the randall rg13. I use it mostly at home on lower volumes (as its a 1 watt amp). I play it directly through a Peavey Valveking 4x12 speakercabinet using the RG13 as a amp. Its quite loud. Louder then I expected it to be. I used it once in band setting and it does well in that too.
Compared to my Valveking 100 watt head it has allot more gain. Its a Solid State and will sound like a solid state. I find I can get some nice heavy sounds out of it (metallica like) and the mid-scoop on the randall does help allot with that.
Playing it through the boogie... I noticed that the moment I play it through a amp (putting it between the guitar and the amp itself) it will sound like a can of bees. I would strongly advise NOT to play it through a amp. Its a great little pedal amp to use as either a small amp or for example recording at home through your pc.

Hope this helped you.
If you use it correctly it will give you that scooped Metallica/pantera-ish distortion. To use it in front of a head you'll have to plug from the fx-send of the rg13 (preferably) to the fx-return of the amp.

ps: it will do what you want to a certain extent. Don't expect it to emulate multi-tube-amp rigs tracked many times over.