Hi everyone.

I'm looking for my first guitar and I generally play 60s blues inspired beat/pop music (Spencer davis group, yardbirds, rolling stones, etc.).

I'm looking to spend up to or around the £2000 mark on a brand new guitar, I only have a relatively cheap guitar at the moment (Cort G series). I'm in the process of buying a good amp and I have a thread running about this topic, I will be looking to spend up to £500 on a suitable amp.

In compliance with rules and regulations I live in Richmond, London and it is for home use.

I was thinking a Gretsch falcon or penguin.

Thanks in advance.
Okay, since you're already leaning toward a particular guitar, what's the question?
I suppose the question is, is this a fair choice (Gretcsh) and what other guitars should I look at?
Try out some Gibson les Pauls with coil tap. Also Gibson SGs with coil tap
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Rickenbacker, Epiphone Sheraton/Casino, Gibson ES-333.

Either Epiphone should be plenty and leave you 1500 left over.
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Quote by Stuart36
I suppose the question is, is this a fair choice (Gretcsh) and what other guitars should I look at?

Yup, fair choice.

OTOH, most of the beat pop groups you've mentioned have done (during the '60's) and (if alive <G> are still playing guitars like teles, strats and LPs. At the Hyde Park concert, Keef played teles and a single-pickup flat top P90 Special, while the rest played strats, LPs and the occasional custom-built something or other. In the '60's those folks played everything, including Gretsches, Riks, Guilds, Voxs, etc.

There's this:
I never understood the naming logic of the White Penguin. Gretsch decides to build two over-the-top flagship guitars. One named after a strong, swift, beautiful bird of prey. The other named after a slow, foul smelling, clumsy, mentally challenged, flightless bird that swims well and is an excellent food source for anything with teeth.

What I like about this kind of Gretsch (both options) is that you don't see yourself coming and going, and you certainly don't see a rack of them at every Guitar Denter. For what you're doing and where you're doing it, I think either is an excellent choice.
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As I said in your other thread, a ric might be a bit niche- though a nice guitar, and if that's the sound you need, nothing else quite does it.

i haven't tried gretsch, but they might be similar (though to a lesser degree).

strat or tele would be the safer option. sometimes the safer option is the boring option, though, and it does depend on what you need.

the other thing is, with £2000 you don't necessarily have to buy just one guitar. you could get a killer strat and tele for that kind of money. Admittedly when it comes to gretsch or ric you'll probably have to spend a fair whack (though gretsch has a cheaper non-MIJ series but I don't know how good it is).

EDIT: just to clarify, the country is normally fine for location, we don't need or want your address on a public forum We just ask that because different things are available at different prices in different parts of the world.
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Thank you all for your help. I suppose it's not easy to pick a specific guitar from all those available. I want to own a flag ship Gretsch one day, even if it not the logical choice :-).
For matching the era's tone AND visuals, a Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Epiphne Sheraton/Casino or a Strat are all solid choices. There's also Burns guitars, and clones of the Vox Teardrop (from Phantom) or a Mosrite (from a lot of makers).

Another thought: go custom.

I've seen British luthiers threshold prices @£1000, so you're definitely in the territory. Figure out precisely what you want in a guitar, and have it made!
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Danelectro? They've definitely got that classic 60's sound going on. That'd also leave you with plenty left over for another guitar and an amp.
I suppose you couldn't go wrong with a Rickenbacker. They were used on practically every British tune in the early to mid-1960s.
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