So I'm posting here as a double hitter, if this violates the rules I apologize! This Counts For Everything! from Gilbert, Arizona is in a contest for our ORIGINAL music video. Voting ends tuesday, placement for 1st, 2nd and 3rd are super tight so any help is greatly appreciated. We have to stay in one of those to move on to the next part of the contest, if you could vote and tell your friends/family/whoever to help us out and vote when they can it'd really be awesome, or even just your vote this one time would help but you can vote ONCE A DAY till tuesday. It's quick and easy, you can make an account or sign in with facebook/google.


And of course any crit about the music and video would be awesome!
The vocals are quite good overall, though at times the vocals have a lot of vibrato (Melodyne is usually good at taming that if you want), not sure how intentional that is. The song itself sounds quite good, and it looks like you have a good following, though the song ended sooner than I thought it would. Everyone is playing well & I like the melodies. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

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Thanks man! The video was edited for time so it's not the full song! You can find the full video on youtube. I'll give your song a look soon!
awesome stuff, i'd vote but i cant be dealing with making an account and getting subscription e-mails etc. best of luck!