i picked the guitar back up a few months ago and have been playing/practicing alot. i started a stoner/doom/sludge band not long ago. along the lines of electric wizard, sleep, eyehategod, iron monkey. i am currently working up my equipment. i sold all my stuff years ago when i stopped playing. i came across a realllyyy shitty guitar and tiny practice amp. it works jus fine for practicing in my room. for band practice i use a line 6. but its not quite the tone im lookin for. ive been researching/testing different amps and pedals. im really liking the big muff tone wicker and the pharaoh. and for the time being i might jus go for a regular marshall or something and save for a nice sunn or orange. funds are limited at the moment and was wondering if some people can throw some advice out to working up an affordable rig. thanks for reading.