Hey Guys I Got This Old Guitar and Ive Put Some D'addario Strings In It and It Sounded Like a Gibson HamminBird , Well The Paint Is Damaged But The Body Is Okey So I Was Wondering If Anybody Can Tell Me What Possible Guitar Company That Could've Made This Kinda Guitars .. tnxs


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I'm Afraid I Don't Know.

i'm thinkin' the same thing. of course pictures that we could see would help.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I just used your links and saw the pics...

Regardless, it appears that you might have an older Washburn guitar. The headstock looks just like an older (and I do mean older) Washburn. As for the exact model? I can't tell you really, as I did not put any real effort into this. I just looked at your pics and played the headstock match game.

ok guys tnxs anyway , i've been told if it sounds good then why lookin up for the brand or the model