Nope. I think the only real remedy is to perform a lot. I still remember some of my first performances and even my legs were shaking. Since then I've done a tonne of gigs and I get a little nervous still sometimes depending on the gig, but no shaking.
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Unless you are shaking from potassium deficiency, no, it won't help. And if you're shaking from potassium deficiency, you should probably go to the hospital rather than get on stage.
I have a banana before every performance I give, but that's nothing to do with shakiness.

Generally I feel very calm before, but sometimes I can feel myself get very nervous and shaky before a gig, and generally some simple breathing exercises a few minutes before is enough keep myself under control if I am feeling nervous.

Last year before an especially big concert I started feeling very anxious, I was getting shaky and short of breath just sitting on my sofa hours before. I tried breathing exercises, taking a nap, smoking a couple of cigarettes, walking round the block, smoking a couple more cigarettes, calling people to distract myself, and nothing seemed to work. Eventually I calmed myself down with jasmine tea that one of my asian friends gave to me as a gift, and I've sworn by it ever since whenever I'm feeling anxious (though it's generally about a week before the performance rather than on the day that I'm most anxious).

If you are prone to nerves, I will say this, try to avoid caffeine for about 3/4 hours before, and if you smoke, don't have a cigarette in the hour or so before. Breathing in for a count of 10 or 15, and breathing out for twice as long is really one of the most powerful ways to relax nerves, as is lying flat on your back on the floor, with your knees raised and feet touching the ground.
Yeah, avoid caffeine. Standing in front of a mirror and shouting at it "Who's the best?" "I'm the best!" Or something along those lines can work really well too.