So, I just bought an Ibanez RG920QMZ, and was about to change all the strings one at a time, when I stripped the screw that holds the string in place (as shown in picture.)
I was starting with the high E string, and I took it off the tuning peg first like it said in the manual.
I'm thinking that this happened because i used an allen key that uses the imperial system (inches) instead of the metric system. (it tells you to use a 3mm allen key in the manual, i used 1/8" which must be slightly smaller than 3mm. Either that or my guitar is cheaply made)
Is there any way to get this screw out or am I completely screwed?
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You can get an extractor at a hardware store that tightens while you loosen. But you'll need a new screw.
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You should have gotten the correct allen key with it if it's brand new.

Getting such a small one is hard enough, but getting an imperial one while living in a metric based country is even harder.

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Buy a decent set of allen keys. Metric and imperial. I did fairly recently and it's one of the best things I've ever done.

Get an extractor kit.

If you have any issues or need any parts (like the new screw you're going to need, consult here.

Great source of Ibanez parts and information.
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I've had these small screws strip even with the allen keys supplied by Ibanez, this was on a brand new prestige with an Edge Pro. But it was the intonation screws instead. I found the screws aren't very high quality. I ended up finding the metric size and buying a load off ebay to replace them when I start noticing they're stripping.

As for how I removed the strip screw I did the old drill through the center of the screw technique. It's a bit of a delicate job because you will have to drill quite far through the screw until the screw head can be pulled off. In hindsight it's probably best to remove the bridge to do this just in case the drill scratches the guitars body. And also the sharpnel from the screw will fly straight onto the pickups obv because they're magnectic.
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As far as the stripped allen head I use a torx bit and tap it in. 99% of the time that will work for me. The tapping will lossen the screw and make the bit bite in the head. You may need to buy a whole set to get the coverage you need to get it out.

The torx bits taper wider the farther in it goes and they have 6 points that bite into the allen head corners. At any rate you will need new screws. Drill only as a last resort. If you are not centered in the head and get into the threads you will f u c k them up and need a new sadle.
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I bought this guitar off eBay for a Black Friday sale, so i pretty much got ripped off in every way possible (no allen keys, no whammy bar, no gig bag). I went out and bought allen keys in the metric system and it worked, didnt have to use a screw extractor. thanks for all the replies!