I am looking to buy the best possible acoustic guitar i can, for as little as possible, being only 15... I have so far narrowed it down to the the taylor GS mini, Simon and Patrick songsmith folk and Faith naked series guitar. Which of these do you think would be the best for a mixture of finger style, and heavy strumming. I know im asking for the best of both worlds there, but really i am just looking for a good sounding, all round acoustic, for shows here and there, and alot of jamming!!

If you dont think either of the ones i said where good choices, feel free to point in another direction, but i much prefer parlor guitars.
the only one that i have experience with is the GS mini. that is such a fantastic guitar for the money. it has a big, rich boomy voice for such a small guitar. the mini is not a parlor guitar, but it will do what you want a parlor to do...better even as it takes heavy strumming very well.
the mini is considered a "travel guitar". i've seen it used on stage a few times so it's sound is more than you would normally get from a travel guitar.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Is the 'mini' in the name only referring to the size of the body, or is the scale length and fret board also dramatically smaller??
i believe the GS mini has a 23 1/2 scale. the body is a mini jumbo, not a smaller guitar like a little martin or yamaha jr1. i like the GS mini a lot, actually - nice tone and playability. i haven't seen the faith, but to my ear the GS mini is more resonant than the songsmith folk and has just a hint more bass in the tone, too.
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