Hi there,

I have been recording for a while, mainly with an Editor Keys SL300 USB Microphone. However, I now want to upgrade to a 'proper' mic (XLR outputs etc etc.), and my budget is around £200-225 (around $350).

I have been looking around for quite a while, but I have no idea where to start when looking. There seems to be so many mics to choose from, and I want to make a good decision!!

In terms of usage - I would probably be recording vocals mainly (I'm a baritone, www.youtube.com/AnkushJainMusic for samples) and acoustic guitar as well.

Many thanks for your help!
i use a rode nt1a
it isn't expensive, but it sounds really nice.
i believe it is around 180 euro's. (yeah yeah, from holland)
so i believe that is under your budget, but i would check it out
What interface are you using it with?

I'd buy the MXL V67G over just about every other condenser under $400.
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