ive submitted a tab ,like 1week ago (scandal - pin heel surfer ) note : this is the song.

and i think they still didnt post my tab yet.. when will they upload it?

they uploaded my 1st tab (babymetal - megitsune) note: my first song to put on tabs

they uploaded it like 5 days.. and i wonder why the second one took so long.. im so looking forward to see it online.. since its my second time creating a tab.

so is there anyone knows when will they upload it.??

i hope you can help thnx..

im also looking to find friends here...

you can email me dudes or add me on FB.
I'll tell the same thing to you that I tell every single other person who asks about their pending tab:

Be patient. Approvals can take anywhere from 3 days to (I'd say) about a month or longer.

If it stays there for longer than a month, then you should make a note of it in this thread.

If, after that, it's still not approved within the next few weeks, try this thread.
Hey, I've got similar problem... I've just added tabs and I want them showed on "main page" or... or just on this page.. can U help me?