I am a novice guitar player looking for recommendations for song books (Rock Guitar) that would work for me. I have been doing online lessons at Jamplay.com but would like to mix it up a bit. I am interested in learning guitar theory and reading sheet music. I would also like the songs to be accurate vs. overly easy. Any advice on which books are good and which ones to avoid would be great! Thanks!

I had this book which was mostly a pop guitar book, had to get it since my teacher was teaching from that book. Yet again it had some classics like 40th symphony of Mozart etc. so I focused on those kind of things. As for the question, there are tons of lessons out there in the internet and they are quite helpful. UG or YouTube should suffice to help you out with theory I believe.
If you really want to get a book, I heard Guthrie Govan's books are quite good. Cheers!
Theres a beatles book, i think its mostly accurate, but its nothing you cant find online. In the long term your best bet is trying some things out by ear, learning from youtube videos you like, and just keeping at it Its never ending...
I have the Beatles book. I'd say it's the best way to learn unique chords and voicings, build a vocabulary and how they work together. There is a good theory book by Dominic Pedler that goes into the theory in depth. It's a perfect combo.