Hey all

Im looking to purchase new passive humbuckers for my Epiphone explorer, due to the stock ones not having enough tone or power to compete with my Ibanez S5470f.

My band plays more rock orintated stuff rather than metal. things like QOTSA, RATM, the occasional Tool song, Foo Fighters and Silverchair. My current pickups are muddy and have little tone. When palm muting it makes shitty muffled sounds which ring out. Dunno if this is a pickup problem or an amp problem but i really need a pickup which is crisp and powerful. I also like to control my drive by using my volume knob, which on the epiphone thats nearly impossible (is this a pickup problem or something to do the the pots?) Apparently if you get high powered pickups your clean tone suffers a little but im fine with that.

Since i havnt ever bought new pickups before my knowledge of them is pretty limited so any other advice would be sick!