Hello everyone. Welcome to my thread, thanks for stopping by.

So I have been playing acoustic for about a year and absolutely love it. I plan to get a nice electric eventually, but I am all about acoustic for now. I have been playing very often, and have a large background in guitar too, so I have become a pretty decent and can learn pretty well now.

I am looking for people to give their "vote" or votes as to what the best songs are to learn on acoustic.

By best I just mean the songs you are proud to have learned, ones you think others are impressed by or enjoy a lot, ones that are your favorite to play, or maybe ones you think would be really awesome to learn.

My favorite song right now, and one I am trying to learn well is:

Horizons by Steve Hackett (Genesis)

They don't have to be solo instrumentals, but I am looking for songs with only one guitar necessary to play.
Some City & Colour is always nice to play, especially 'save your scissors' (except for the annoying tuning)
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Some City & Colour is always nice to play, especially 'save your scissors' (except for the annoying tuning)

Thanks mr. Derp, I will check it out. Never heard of it.
chrisseanrod32 some good ones to try (fingerstyle) in my opinion are:

Extreme- more than words
Bon Jovi- dead or alive
Beatles- blackbirds
Mumford & Sons- the cave

But chord wise

George ezra- blame it on me
Anything coldplay or ed sheeran 😂
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Try something by David Rovics, perhaps St Patrick Battalion.

Wow what a beautiful, meaningful song
 I would say The Hammer Has Fallen by Sabaton is a great song for the acoustic guitar, it has a dark and sad atmosphere and you can play the distorted parts with common chords too.
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...[ ]....I am looking for people to give their "vote" or votes as to what the best songs are to learn on acoustic....[ ]....

The best songs for acoustic guitar are the ones you can sing. (Final answer).

Just try to think of songs you think you could, "get away with", at an "open mic night".

For example, I like Al Stewart's, "Roads to Moscow", and I can do at least a presentable job of singing it.

However, I can vividly imagine getting many beer bottles thrown at me, if I tried to float it by the average "angry mob". (Oops, I meant, "group of tavern patrons").
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Tony DoneHere's "The Move", doing, "The Last Thing on My Mind". (Brace yourself, it's quite eccentric and "psychedelic". Although, it's also possibly the best cover of the song, ever).


Wow, that's pretty wild, I'm surprised I like it. I starting to wonder what kind of stuff you were on as a young man.   

My favourite is this one by Tony Rice:

One reason I like it so much is because I can't flatpick.

EDIT I've been working on a thumb-fingerbrush technique to try and emulate that kind of bluegrass sound, and using this song as the ideotype.
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White Queen (as it began) by Queen is really good to learn as it mainly consists of arpeggios. It also has an acoustic solo which I'm yet to master!
Here's a whole load, with lessons on the internet for you:
(Norwegian Wood is probably my favourite on this list)


Artist Song name ID Songbook Level
Billy Bragg And Wilco Way Over Yonder In The Minor key SB-101 Acoustic Beginner's
Paul Weller WildWood SB-102 Acoustic Intermediate
Beatles Rocky Raccoon SB-103 Acoustic Beginner's
Tom Waits Hold On SB-104 Acoustic Beginner's
Donovan Frankenreiter It Dont Matter SB-105 Acoustic Intermediate
Death Cab For Cutie I Will Follow You Into The Dark SB-106 Acoustic Beginner's
Tom Waits The Heart Of Saturday Night SB-107 Acoustic Intermediate +
Cat Stevens Father And Son SB-108 Acoustic Intermediate +
Nirvana Where Did You Sleep Last Night SB-109 Acoustic Intermediate
Ed Sheeran Lego House SB-110 Acoustic Intermediate +
Coldplay Don't Panic SB-111 Acoustic Beginner's
The Beautiul South Rotterdam SB-112 Acoustic Intermediate +
The Beatles Blackbird SB-113 Acoustic TAB Stage
Mumford & Sons The Cave SB-114 Acoustic Intermediate +
Leonard Cohen Bird On The Wire SB-115 Acoustic Intermediate
The Beatles Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) SB-116 Acoustic Intermediate +
Elliot Smith Between The Bars SB-117 Acoustic Intermediate
Johnny Cash Man In Black SB-118 Acoustic Beginner's
George Harrison My Sweet Lord SB-119 Acoustic Intermediate
Elliot Smith Say yes SB-120 Acoustic Beginner's
Nancy Sinatra These Boots Were Made For Walking SB-121 Acoustic Beginner's
KT Tunstall Black Horse And Cherry Tree SB-122 Acoustic Intermediate
Sheryl Crow Strong Enough SB-123 Acoustic Intermediate +
Coldplay Yellow SB-124 Acoustic Intermediate +
Travis Why Does It Always Rain On Me SB-125 Acoustic Intermediate
Extreme More Than Words SB-126 Acoustic TAB Stage
The Beatles Here There And Everywhere SB-127 Acoustic Intermediate
More than words is a song that has gotten me laid many times so I always recommend learning that.  If you want to impress on a technical level then Cory Seznec's version of Precious Lord Take my hand is good.
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A few off the top of my head:

- Tears in the Rain by Satriani is a great finger stretcher and sounds awesome on solo guitar. You could probably pull it off at an open mic if the asmosphere is right.
- Where is my mind is easy enough but sounds really good imo. Love that chord progression.
- Needle and the damage done: really need to focus on your picking hand for this one to get all the nuances right. It belongs in the easy to learn hard to master category.
- Open road by slightly stoopid. Really cool tune
- the past recedes by Frusciante: for an unusual time signature and satisfying strumming.

and almost forgot: you gotta put some John Mayer in there, the flicking technique he uses on stop this train is so good and once you got it down it's pretty fun to mess around with it.
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