A bit on the short side this time around, but hope you enjoy



If ya liked what you heard, I've an older cover song too, covering the town theme from the game, Dragon's Crown

And the previous RnM that's a bit more of a complete song


Will C4C for insight with depth ^_^
Hey man, good song.

The riffs are cool and the screaming is cool too, usually I don't like this style so much. I like how you didn't force a solo in there. It flowed well as it was and didn't necessarily need one.

A constructive criticisms:

The flanger (or chorus or whatever) right at the start is good but I think it's too deep. It's hard to hear the actual notes, all I can hear is the effect. Maybe bring it down or record the same riff with an acoustic and layer it on top?

You often double the guitar parts with the vocal parts (which is cool) but sometimes it's hard to differentiate one from the other. Maybe play with spacing or EQ them differently? What you're playing is cool, though.

The orchestral parts are cool too but sometimes they're hard to make out from the guitars, which just sort of reduces them to background noises. Maybe bring the guitars way down or pan 'em more when the orchestral parts are going on?

Anyways good work!

Thanks for checking my band's new video:

Hey there thanks for the crit
Looking back on it, with the exception of the intro, the strings are pretty buried - tho it was my intention for them to take a backseat later into the arrangement.

I'm not sure I entirely understand the mention on the guitar/vocal track, but I guess that's because I know what's being played. I may see where around 50s into the vid, how the guitars may become unintelligible towards the beginning of each bar, while competing against the vox. If strictly from the perspective on eq, I think I hi-passed the vox considerably (not sure on that one as I would have to look back on it).

Thanks for the crit! And I enjoyed your video!
Hey man, again, the production on this track is amazing! I loved this. The vocals could have stood out a little more, but overall, its pretty damn sick. The riffs were absolutely amazing dude!!! I still say we should collab on a song (Ive been really busy with the holidays lately, but im getting more time), so if you still want, im down to collab. Even if you just want a guest solo, im down for sure. I love your music man, you should just add me on facebook.
anyways, c4c?