I decided to rewire my best mate, my self assembled les paul guitar.

I built this guitar a few years back and every so often I get an idea to change it around a bit!

So this time I've gone for a new wiring setup that's a little strange but I think will suit me well and I was wondering if anyone else had used this kind of circuit in their guitars and if so how they used it for best effect.

I've also ordered an Earvana compensated nut - any experience with that mod? Any pitfalls on the installation side?

I haven't had chance to try it out yet as I'm waiting for the nut so I'm just asking as I'm waiting for the bits to finish it, and I'm going to update as to how I get on with it
Oh yeah!!!!! I totally forgot!

I've rewired from scratch and put a volume control for each pickup with treble bleed circuits, then I've got a switch that bypasses the bridge volume so I can set the volume at say half and then just flick the switch to get full volume again and it'll also bring in the bridge pickup regardless of the pickup selector position so I can go straight from neck to full volume bridge

Should be good for clean-dirty-clean songs.... or at least that's what I'm hoping! I don't use pedals very much and I'm not very quick with the volume controls so I thought I'd try this
I put a pull switch on my one tone control on my Les Paul so that I can switch between series and parallel - that turned out to be more useful than I expected. You can get them on Amazon or ebay cheap (I forget which I used). If you go crazy, you could put pull switches on all your knobs and have lots of things to do if you want to tinker with new wiring ideas. I'd recommend wiring up your idea first to make sure you like it before investing in adding a switch for it. More than half of the ways you mix and match pickup sections will sound noisy, tinny or dumb.

Your bypass for the volume control is a cool idea for a quick boost.
Yeah, when I first built my les Paul I did the whole caboodle jimmy page thing but after 3 months I realised I just wasn't using it and it just seemed like a lot to go wrong if I wasn't even using it!

So I simplified it back to the original 50's style LP wiring for a while and then I thought of this idea.

I haven't got it rebuilt yet as I'm waiting on the Earvana nut and I'm also addressing a neck issue that's been bugging me, Christmas means I've had to wait ages for the parts but I'm expecting them anytime now so I'll update once I've checked it out