Hey folks, I have a Randall warhead 16 ohms head and i thought about buying a 8 ohms cab can i do that.?

and lets say i have another head that is 8 ohms can i plug it into a 16 ohms cab
I mean what is the deal in there about the impedance mismatch with solid state amps ?

Thanks a lot !!
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With SS you go by the lowest ohm's the amp can take. I would think you'd be fine with the Warhead and an 8 ohm cab, but I'm not real familiar with that amp (I just cant believe it only accepts a 16 ohm load).

Yes with a SS head that is 8 ohms, you can run a 16 ohm cab, but the wattage your amp will produce is roughly 1/2 of what it does with 8 ohms.
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